No connection to COM port at all
  • Hi

    Tried powering up my new Arris Zhao Yun yesterday. First used a 12V UBEC from HobbyKing that I measured to 12.4V before connecting. Solid Green LED, but motors did not start up. Did some research on the UBEC and found it was only described as 2-5S although some claimed to use it on 6S. So i thought that might be the problem, and connected it to a 3S battery instead but - same problem - solid green LED and nothing else.

    Then I thought I better connect it to the GUI software, so I installed the GUI and the recommended drivers. But I can't get the COM port to show up on either of my 1 PC and 2 Macs - nothing happens when I connect the USB cable. Og - and I tried 3 different cables too..

    I have used the GUI earlier when I had an Arris CM3000, and remember it was a little tricky to set u at first with the COM ports, but nothing like this - I'm all out of ideas - anyone who can help me in the right direction??? Thanks in advance,