Android App can't connect to Bluetooth HC-06? Blinking red light
  • Hello!

    I have a HC-06 Bluetooth module attached to my controller. I set-up the HC-06 to 115200 baud, Even Parity. I am using a Galaxy Tab 8" with the SimpleBGC app. When I try to connect the Bluetooth red LED goes from flashing to solid for a couple seconds, then flashes again.

    I did try swopping the TX Rx lines, no change. I don't know Bluetooth that well but I believe the HC-06 is functioning properly. I can use another terminal App and connect, and the red light remains solid.

    I could use some troubleshooting help please. Is there anything I can do with the controller connected to USB (Win7 x64) to the program to help set-this up?

    Even though those other Apps can make a connection, I'm guessing does not mean the HC-06 is actually talking to the controller? Anyway to check this out?

    What does the Android app so when it connects to the controller? Clearly it sees the Bluetooth, tries to connect but drops it for some reason.

    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • I have 2.2 firmware. But the Android App is 2.4. Will the App work with 2.2 controller? Where can I find a earlier version of the App that is compatible with 2.2? Thanks.
  • I believe the bluetooth at the moment can only support 2.4 firmware on 8bit Alexmos. I am using it now with both HC-06 and HC-05. But the app is not updated yet for 32bit Alexmos
  • Maybe it should be specified in the play store apps that it's only for 8bit.
  • I' ve got 8bit board and 2.47b and it won't work either. I posted a separate question but received no answer. I've got two BT HC-6 modules made by different manufacturers and none of them is able to connect. My Galaxy III shows them as Paired but they can't connect. Red LED keeps flashing......
  • Disneytoy, this one is compatible with all 2.x verisons (from 2.01 to above) ; https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nicodh.bgcConfig
  • Thanks. Now I purchased that App. The BT gets solid red LED and the App shows green light and is connected but no values shown upon Read.
  • Hi nicodh,

    Your app can support 32bit board?
  • bonjour,
    j'ai un Samsung GT S5360 en version androïd 2.3.6
    ça n'a pas l'air de fonctionner
    est ce incompatible ou faut'il un androïd plus récent ou un smartphone différent
  • Nicodh, when are you going to update it for 32bit? I bought it to try on my 32bit board but it doesn't work for both usb and bluetooth.
  • Using version "2.43 b9" on 32 bit Board, and on win 8.1 PC and on The APP (Android 4.4 Phone) it blinks red , hold red for 1 second, blink red again. With Nicodh APP it connects stays red but has "0"values and wont control board. Can I get a quick fix :) TY for the APP