Problem connection Bluetooth via Android App.
  • Hi Gang!

    Got a new HC-06 for my original 2 axis controller (v2.2). If I'm correct I need my Bluetooth HC-06 set-up to 115200 Even parity, correct?

    I spent some time with a CP2102 on Win7 and in Realterm, set the name to Alexmos, the Baud to 115200 and to even parity.

    Now on Android. I can see the Alexmos dongle. paired. As a test I can connect via SenaBT app, the LED goes solid. But in the Basecam app, I see the dongle, I can try to connect, and the LED goes solid then back to blinking. When connected via SenaBT App, it will connect and stay solid. So I think the HC-06 is working OK.

    Any thoughts in getting my HC-06 to stay connected with the App? I need to demo the gimbal to someone and need to demonstrate the features of the app.


  • Check that your Rx is connected to the Tx and Tx connected to the Rx.
  • I'm guessing they are correct since the other Apps could connect?