How to attach my Gimbal Motors?
  • I'm looking for some advice regarding the attachment of my motors to my gimbal. I am using GBM5208 024-180T motors from RCtimer. As you can see on the picture, I have the various pieces of the gimbal attached directly to the motor, and all the weight is hanging off of the motor itself. I did this based on seeing another design online with similar attachment: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Big-Promotion-3-axis-DSLR-Glassy-Carbon-Fiber-Handle-Brushless-Gimbal-w-5208-Motor-Movie-photo/1827977295.html

    In seeing that most gimbals out there have cages around the motors eliminating the stress on the motor, I am second guessing my decision to build mine like this. Does anyone know if I am risking my camera gear doing this? Can these motors come apart if overstressed? Or will i simply lose performance of the motors by doing this way? I am planning on hanging a 5d mk3 with 24-70 lens. Or other cameras around the same weight. Approximately 1.5Kg. The shafts on these motors are hollow and I believe they are 5mm diameter. I would really appreciate some input.

    Here is my setup: (although not completely finished with the handles yet)

    Thanks everyone!!
  • The motor shaft could very well break due stress, but in this case the bigger worry is fatigue, especially if the shaft is aluminium. Depending of the motor construction it could also come apart. It could work fine for years, but some day just break because there has been too many hard landings, corrosion etc.

    I assume this gimbal will be airborne? if so I would secure somehow that the camera and part of gimbal does not drop even if it breaks, not so much worrying loosing the gear, but seriously hurting someone or worse.

    Also the roll motor performance may degrade as the bearings are close to each other and there is big momentum due the camera weight.
  • About balance, your yaw motor appears fixed and to be directly above the pitch motor?

    To balance the gimbal when the camera is on, it needs to be further back and good to have it adjustable.
  • Hi Garug thank you for this input. I am actually planning on using this as a handheld unit for now anyway, I have just not mounted proper handles yet.

    Yes you are right about the yaw motor being misplaced. That was a mistake in my design. I didn't think to consider the weight of gimbal itself with motor placement. I will be fixing that problem and making it adjustable. I just wanted figure out my other questions before I either put more time into this gimbal or start fresh with a different design.

    Thanks for the advice, I am not too concerned about wearing out the motor. That is easily replaced. But expensive gear and most importantly safety is top on the list.
  • I have had similar concerns with my handheld gimbal design, though it is handheld maybe someone will use it someday on moving vehicle, maybe helicopter... That is why I have decided to build it fail-safe.