I messed up my settings
  • I got a new DYS smart Gopro BL Gimbal with GM2210 motors, its 3 axis, I downloaded the software 2.40 e8, I connected to my board it said GUI and board does not match firmware was 2.30 e6 if I remember properly, So hay I must need to update, finally found 2.40 e7 software and flash. Flashed the board now the unit goes nuts shaking if I switch of motors it stops I have no settings to load back into it all was lost with the firmware upgrade. I don't understand the jargon in the manual, all I want is a file to upload that has the settings already in it like the unit came with but up to date, any one can help please.
  • If you didn't take the precaution of copying all the settings or just making screens of them, I'm afraid you'll need to configure them by yourself all from the beginning.

    It's not so complicated once you know and understand them. The worst part is the PIDs for perfect stabilisation, but they are not such a big deal if your gimbal is physically good and you use it properly, and of course if you know how to tune PIDs adequately.

    Just read the manual carefully and ask whatever you need in this forum.