Problem connecting Alex Mos Board to Mikrokopter Flight Control V2.5
  • Hi all,

    I am encountering problems with connecting my Alex Mos Borad to my Mikrokopter Flight Control V 2.5. I switched compensation for camera in Flight Control setup to off. The Simple bgc GUI shows correct signals for input poti.

    Alex Mos board is connected as shown in manual, but no reaction for roll and pitch when moving poti at TX.

    In addition my pitch is constantly moving downwards.

    Unfortunately ther seems to be no way to post screenshots of software config.

    Thanx for help and hints in advance.


  • Hi Christoph,

    i had that problem with a customer 2 weeks ago, make sure to use the right SVC plug and also to make sure that you do not invert signal and ground connexion on the Alexmos board connection for the RX Pitch connector ( or the gimbal will move all along down..). I do not remember if i had to remove the ground and keep signal only or not as there was a separate small 850 MAh lipo on board for the alexmos, but just make sure that you do not invert ground and signal ( and also best way to test is to plug a servo MK DS18 if you have one from a previous servo gimbal and check that the SVC port of the MK board is acting ok with the POti function.
    Best regards,