Firmware upgrade issues
  • OK - this is probably my fault but I hopefully someone here will take pity on me.
    I have an new TBS Disco Pro, and the gimbal initailly worked during brief testing while in construction. Somewhere along the line in construction I upgraded the firmware to 2.2 or later (which I now read is inadvisable on the disco and its best sticking with 2.1).
    Gimball now just twitching uncontrollably on powerup.
    I get GUI mismatch - despite having downloaded ALL the versions of the GUI and tried each in turn.
    I have tried to reload 2.1 firmware in each of the GUIs - all fail with AVRDUDE exit code error.
    I have tried X-loader which failed
    I have tried AVRDUDE app - similar result.

    SO - can any kind soul help me out with this? How do you tackle this?
    Wipe the board? Or is there something I'm missing?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Just download and install the latest GUI and firmware for your version, 8-bit or 32-bit.

    Then start the GUI, everything powered and connected, and upgrade firmware.

    At the beginning it could shake and move weirdly, just set PIDs and power to 0 and start configuration, and finally stabilization settings (PID/power).