blown IC on brand new board
  • Hi Guy`s (and Girls!)
    I am a complete newbie to the world of brushless gimbals and I recently bought an SimpleBGC 3 AXIS CONTROLLER from HobbyKing. it worked great for 2-3 hours then the next time I switched it on, a small IC chip, if that's the right terminology, went bright red with a puff of smoke and that was that, although it still functions to a limited level but the is no way it will power up from the battery, only from the USB. I checked and double checked the connections and everything checks out ok, no crosses wires, no reversed polarity, solder bridging etc Hobby King are on to it but, has anyone else had or heard of this happening before????
  • There was that kind of post somewhere in these forum, that was some new 32 bit boar if I remember correctly.

    On unprotected boards as they are often installed, it is just too easy to get short circuit on the board. Sometimes there is also manufacturing faults.
  • Hi Garug, you say "unprotected" .... Do you know what size of fuse that should be fitted so that at least it protects the board to some degree?
  • I meant physically unprotected, so that some piece of wire could easily get to the circuit board and cause short circuit.

    But actually a good idea adding a fuse. My 3 x GB85 for big cameras is using only 0.9 A current, so on this I would maybe put 2A fuse. (I have the electronics well protected, even from rain.)

    The current depends of the power settings and motors, so best way would be to measure once you have the gimbal working as it should.