Problem with dys 3 axis gimbal for gopro
  • Hello,

    I am unable to run this gimbal !!!! Yaw drift and errors into the gui ( software )

    What I do:

    _power with 3s lipo
    _ only connect usb to PC and launch the gui.
    _ I click on connect and then I always have a drift in "Realtime data"

    And the follow mode doesn't work. the gimbal is turning on the yaw axis without ending !

    Do you think I must send it back to banggood ??

    Here is a video of the problem.


    What tests can I do in order to have more precise informations about my problem on this gimbal ??

    Thanks for your help

    No pictures in thread available ??
  • Let it perform gyro calibration at startup, do not limit acceleration to 5, set it for now 500. are you sure the yaw motor polarity is right, did you perform the Auto motor configuration according the users manual?

    How did you end up whit these PID values? Pitch 'I' is very high for this type of gimbal. Power values may be high too. I think you need to perform the PID tuning according the manual. Be sure to follow FW 2.4 instructions. and if you are using as starting point values you got from someone, be sure that he was using FW 2.4. FW 2.3 is totally different on PID values.

    If you have notting connected to RC channels as it seems to be set RC Sub-trims to 0

    Set RC control min and max angle to their minimum and maximum values, unless you in purpose want to limit them

    Do not activate follow yaw before everything works perfect in basic mode.

  • GOP - you need to config your sensor & motors correctly for starters - in BASIC tab for SENSOR AXIS right should be -Y

    In the motor configuration, run the AUTO and let it find if any reversals need to be applied - it will get the motor poles wrong so when its finished change them to 14 and then click WRITE
  • Hi evryone, thank you for the help...

    big mistake from me: I connected the gimbal to the computer with usb port only...this is the reason of the errors on the yaw.
    Now, the gimbal seems to run correctly and the follow mode too.
    I need to configure it correctly now with all the process..... find myself the good pid with good tutorials, calibration of the sensors .....

    AN important thing to know:

    _ power the gimbal first, wait initialisation
    _ AND THEN, connect USB port