power from rc roll and pitch pins? Solder or bridge anything?
  • Hey Guys,

    For RC control on the 32 bit board we have it hooked up and powered from a outside battery source. to get power out of it directly at the rc roll/yaw pins do we need to bridge anything or solder anything on the board?
    Have tested and cannot get power out of pins
  • On 8 bit board I needed to solder the JP1. This probably is board specific even among the 32 bit boards. Did you not get any instructions with your board?
  • Thanks!!! found the J1 and soldered it.
  • Hi Devincard.
    Could you explain what you did, please?
    I have the same issue. No power to the motors.
    I ordered 2 through flyduino, they only sent one IMU and one of the boards was missing components.
    I am trying to figure out if the second board is also faulty or if I haven't done something I am supposed to.
    I can hook up to the software blah blah but I get no love with powering the motors.