PARIS Sirius gimbal controller - no power output via 3rd axis board
  • I have the PARIS Sirius Alexmos 2 axis gimbal controller with the 3rd axis extension board



    However I am having problems with the 3rd axis board. It was working fine, then all of a sudden it now doesn't output motor power. Also previously the blue LED indicator on the 3rd axis board was blinking indicating normal operation. Now the LED just stays solid Blue, no flashing and as said there is no power to the motor plugged into the board

    I have swapped over the pitch/roll/yaw outputs to run all three through the extension board to double check that its not the yaw motor or wires, but it is definitely the board as I have isolated that issue. All three axis's don't work when set up with the 3rd axis, and all three work when going through the 2 axis main controller.

    Does anyone have advise on any other things that might be causing this frustrating problem?

    Thanks in advance.