Auto Detect and calibration time?
  • Hello!

    I'm setting up my first 2 axis gimbal. Initially I was set to 14 poles. But I checked and my DYS motors say:

    DYS BGM4108-130
    Turns: 130 turns
    Cooper Wire(mm): 0.15
    Camera Range: 1600g~2000g
    Poles: 22

    But it seemed to run better at the initial 14 pole setting? How does a pole mismatch effect the gimbal?

    I tried the AUTO DETECT poles button. but it was taking a really long time and I stopped.

    Can anyone give me an idea how long this takes?




    Thank you.

  • You could just count the poles, i.e. how many magnets there is on the motor.

    Wrong pole count could cause problems with Estimate frame angles from motor and perhaps with follow mode too.
  • It shows CALIBRATION STARED. Will it say finished or completed?

    When Calibrating the Gyo or ACC how long should that take? I never came to an end? Had to cancel.

    1 min, 5 min, 60 min?
  • See the users manual, You need to look the LEDs on board.
  • I find that gyro cal only takes about 2 seconds, same with each position of the acc calibration. Auto detect for poles takes about 4 or 5 seconds, but it is not very accurate, just count then yourself.
  • `But how do you know it is finished? Does the GUI (at the bottom) where it says Calibration Started... Then say completed? I read the manual and it didn't say anything about the LEDS?
  • Green LED will blink, then remain solid when finished
  • Thanks. I saw a video on doing the 6 sided box. I was just clicking the calibration button and waiting for it to finish. Now I did all 6 sides.