upgarde firmware
  • I cannot get my gimbal to work correctly, new unit. when I connect batt. gimbal turns 180 degrees and shakes and rotates. Im trying to update the firmware from ver. 1 board 2.2b2 to 2_40b7 and get this message. Failed to upload error writing firmware Invalid avrdude exit code (-1073741515)
    any help would be great
  • Remove all your motor connections and plug in only your usb. Download XLoader from the "download" section here, update the board using XLoader leaving all other settings at default (baud is 115200, device is "SimpleBGC")
  • removed motor connections pluged in only the usb (no Batt) installed 2_40b7 failed. Tried to install 2.2b2 and also failed. Green light goes off then blinks steady then blinks fast, message comes up failed.
  • Ok is this your first board or do you have another board that works before? Where did you get your board from? Coz it sounds to me you bought a non-original china board.
  • On Windows OS ?
  • first board, got it off ebay yes china this link
    any hope for this or should I try to get a return or find a new board?
    Thanks for the help
  • I have got the gimbal working (somewhat) Its stays balanced but touchey if the gimbal moves to fast the camera starts bouncing to correct its self. Also the pitch is upside down in the GUI. Does that matter? Any idea's for fix's

  • I get the same thing on mine. It came from Steady maker (china) sold by Good Luck Buy
  • It happened to me too, bought my gimbal in Gearbest. when I connect batt the gimbal turns 180 degrees and shakes . i cant perform the firmeware upgrade. i have the pitch upside down. any help?