Yaw face forward by default?
  • Forgive me if this is obvious, but which settings in the GUI would allow the yaw axis to face forward by default, relative to the UAV's frame, when you turn on the gimbal controller? At the moment it seems to default to face north. The flight controller can tell the gimbal controller about its pitch and roll position, but not yaw, as I understand it. If I turn on 'Follow Me' then you have an approximation of facing forward, eventually, is this the function I have to use? Thanks
  • you need to do acc and gyro calibration with the copter in correct orientation gimbal facing front of the craft
  • thanks AOPEN3434 i've tried that but the camera still won't just face forwards. am i right in thinking that i have to have follow Y-axis mode turned on, otherwise the camera will always just point the same direction, while the craft can turn and turn. even in follow mode the camera remains a good 20 degrees off centre. i have tried to find an answer to this but without success. help appreciated.
  • i'm going back to the drawing board, i should be able to find the solution, will let you know what happens
  • proper config you move the craft the yaw should attempt to point forward. move left the yaw should follow left in normal mode sound like you need to do PID tuning. done by calibrating gyro with craft and gimbal pointing in correct direction.