Gimbal Rolling on Pan?
  • Hi,

    Can anyone help how to prevent rolling when panning.

    When I Pan left or right it rolls. When i stop it then levels back out, but I'm unsure what i need to change in the GUI to stop it doing this.

  • Verify that IMU is installed on level and calibrated. I assume you are using Follow mode and FW 2.4: Do follow mode Offset calibration (Auto). What are your Follow Roll start and Roll mix?, try (90,0). hopefully this helps.
  • Hi Garug,

    I'm not using follow mode as its being used on a cable cam so not needed. Its on an RC setup but roll input is not active.

    The IMU is installed level and calibrated ok as far as i'm aware.

    Any other ideas?

  • Does this happen in flight (moving) only or also on ground? If only in flight, maybe adjusting gyro trust and using acceleration compensation

    what FW do you have?

    have you the RC sub trims adjusted? (AUTO works fine) Maybe also trying dead band. How is your Yaw and Roll controls, if in same stick the deadpans could help

    How about your RC settings, Speed or angle mode?

    Are you using FC connection, that should help. (cable cam so probably not)

    Still about calibration, if IMU is not well levelled and calibrated (both ACC and GYRO), that would explain your symptoms.

  • Hi,

    It happens when stationary. FW is 2.4. I'm new to all this so will check other settings in a bit. There is no roll in the transmitter so its not bring introduced that way.

    The IMU was level when i switched it on and steady.

    I'll check the other bits you mentioned and let you know what it is set to.
  • Increase the P on roll. Thank you