newbie here. WTF did i do to my gimbal!?! (video)
  • My gimbal was working pretty well and then I got greedy and tried to mess around with it in SimpleBGC2.2. I dont know what I changed but then I went to "use default" and all hell broke loose from there. Now every time I initialize the gimbal it jerks around like it has parkinson's. Why oh why was I not satisfied with what I had? Every time I try and tinker with something I make things worse.

  • Go back to the beginning and install the default PIDs

  • what are the default PID's?
  • You will need the user manual, it can be found under Download. Default PID values depend of you gimbal. You probably need to go trough all the steps setting the gimbal up and tuning PID values, unles you can found the default values (also other than PID) for your gimbal somewhere.
  • well whatever I did seem to stop the crazy oscillations and has the gimbal back functioning but it is not level with the horizon, a good 15 or so degrees off of level. Any idea how to correct this?
  • Calibrate accelerometer and gyro