DYS 3 Axis Smart Gopro Gimbal
  • HELP......where do i start.Just received the gimbal and it works. I would lick to run the GUI no luck message says not the correct version for this board
    First off Mac or PC?
    USB drivers?
    Do i need to down load the firmware i was told it is V2.3b5 and if so what program do i need to open it
    every attempt so far i get a message that there is nothing on the pc to open it?
    any info out there on the beeps when first powered up....also the LED's ?????

    thanks in advance for any much needed help

  • you need to use the correct GUI for the firmwear your running
  • Thanks for replying
    nothing will open the firmware on the computer thats the first problem

  • The board comes with version 2.3b5 installed. Go download the 2.3 GUI. Download the USB drivers. Install both. Plug in your gimbal. Go to device manager and look to see what COM Port it is connected to. Open up the GUI. Select the corresponding COM Port in the drop down. Hit Connect.
  • thank you.....got the GUI
    where do i get the USB drivers
    device manager???
    i am getting a message at the bottom of the GUI
    GUI vs board version mismatch
  • Cam here is a site pick what operating system you want drivers for and your done http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx
  • If you are still getting the gui mismatch. It means your com port is ok but the version for the gui is wrong. Don trust the 2.3 version. Go download 2.2 and try
  • Boy am i starting to feel STUPID .......still the same as before ?????