How to upgrade firmware on my Alexmos brushless gambil
  • I bought a 2 axis Alexmos brushless when I try to update the firmware to 2.4 0b7 it is giving me the following error

    "GUI vs board version mismatch. Firmware version: 0.53 b4, GUI version: 2.4 b07 you should run matching GUI version, or upgrade firmware "

    Any hint tried version 2.4 b08 and 2.4 b07 and lower version I'm getting same error
  • You have to update your GUI software first. Have you done that?
  • I did update my GUI still have same problem
  • what is your current version now? is your board original Alexmos? there are some fakes running around from ebay and some china websites. if yours is a original Alexmos, please go and download XLoader and follow the instructions given in this website to update the controller