YAW skipping steps
  • I'm wondering if there is a trick to decrease the YAW skipping steps on YAW motor when changing rotation side HANDHELD.
    Because of that in follow mode the angle of the start on me rotating is not the same anymore on one side against the other.
    Thanks for any help.
    Hope my english is understandable.

    YAW 8108 150T
    ROLL 8108 150T
    PITCH 2x 5208 200T
  • Is you yaw axel balanced?
  • Yes it is.
  • I do not think there is any tricks, other than having the basic settings correct, number of poles etc. and suitable PID and power settings and of course the follow mode settings. Slowering speed might help and moving slowly. I am using speed 4 with FW 2.4 b 7 and no skipping.
  • It happens when i move fast and strong.
    Testing the edge.
    thanks for your help though
  • It is always possible to get the gimbal confused with fast movements or big angles especially if the PID values are are well tuned for keeping the angular errors during movements small. Loosening up the PID values make it more reliable during fast movements. It is always some kind of compromise.

    Also using slow follow speed makes it more reliable. I am using also expo, so really slow movements are possible, but also a bit faster movement. My GB85 gimbal is capable moving really fast, faster than I would need for video. Strong motors make fast movements possible.

    I hope that the new 32 bit boards with second IMU are a bit better on stability during fast movements and extreme angles. At least they should be able to recover from the confusion better.