• Wow heading back to the older firmware shortly, I'm sure the new version is better but my rig has gone WAY back in time to being completely erratic and unstable. saved all my old profiles and loaded them up to no avail.

    Clearly I'm stupid and doing something wrong? Would be great if this got a WHOLE lot more intuitive. i understand it has to cope with a vast array of applications from go pros on ocotocopters to Red Epics on 3 axis handheld gimbals but man i always feel quite dumb when i have to delve into the hacky PC world. not a lot of fun.
  • And I'm also still seeing roll movement when i pan in follow mode. Why is the roll axis still moving?
    wondering if its not still possible to have a separate 'Keep roll axis locked in follow mode' button?
    any help with the new follow mode settings very appreciated
  • I found that going to FW 2.4b is like starting over as the previous values no longer work. I threw in the fact that I am balancing for a new 24-105 IS lens and new adjustable macro photography base plate that allows the forward aft adjustment of balance with a thumb screw and lock. (so I can zoom and maintain balance fore and aft)

    So today 2 hours so far, getting there - Pitch is giving me fits. Have not gotten into Roll in follow mode yet.

    What about limit accelerations and gyro compensation values for 5D? Anyone
  • Daaaave!
    I'm getting there but glad you concur with the like starting over' thing.
    if YOU are having trouble I'm screwed :-)

    seriously I'm getting there though, follow mode is nicer though a few new bugs shimmies and wobbles to sort out in other areas... WHY is it so hard. should have an auto mode where it self adjusts all the PID stuff while watching its own live data and optimises itself for maximum stability... at LEAST as a starting point.

    Still dumbfounded as to why there isn't a simple 'lock roll axis' switch in follow mode.
    and menus as stated are written as to be indecipherable