Help for tune Phoenix a50 gimbal
  • Hi, I buyed a Phoenix a50 one week ago, but I meet a various problem to tune the gimbal in follow mode.
    I follow the step about guide of Simplebgc , mechanics balance accelerator calibrate and Gypro calibrate and then I save in profile1.
    But the gimbal whistles and don't move...When I turn on the motor it stay rigid
    I change a P;I;D; In P put 0 because over the gimbal move without controll and in D 3 or 5...but I thing it's not correct....
    I think that I mistake something or jump a passage because I don't Understand why the gimbal have a nervous movement and continue whistles but I haven't an error. When I push the mode botton for example? How I can do for continue a setting and apply the setting in gimbal and see the modify when I change the level in PID and in follow mode parameter?
    Thanks a Lot
  • And when I do the accelerator calibrate I change the axis when I do 6 position calibrate or I put only Z and X? in Follow mode I invert Yaw it's alredy?
    How can I do to stop the whistles?
    Thanks for your help
  • Someone Can help me?
  • The whining sound is likely 10 kHz. See Advanced tab on GUI, PWM frequency and change it to HIGH.

    For other parts you do not provide really enough information. It seems a bit everything is wrong. I suggest reading the manual and forums and starting the setup from the scratch. These are not ready out of the box, they need usually plenty of reading, patience error and trial before everything works perfect.

    This might help http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=27602164&postcount=9001
  • Ok...it's incredible for me...this is the first time that I buyed a rig that Haven't a good guide or courses and also it's very difficult to learn to use...
  • Thanks a lot Now I eliminate a Whistles!!!
  • I read your post in rcgroup about tuninig but I don't understand where I can find this assignment 'Set tilt angles by hand' to Mode button or CMD and if this is important to use in follow mode...
    and How can I do this 'Skip gyro calibration at startup' and assign 'Calibrate gyro' to the mode button.
    How assign to mode button?
  • Skip gyro calibration selection is under basic tab of GUI.

    Calibrare gyro and Set tilt angles by hand can be found under RC settings tab.
  • I just looked what Phoenix a50 actually is. With that price it certainly should work out of the box and be provided with good instructions and support. Have you contacted the manufacturer?
  • Yes I contacted the manufacturer but not helped me a lot....I arrange with my friend and collegues....
    I ask to Basecam if have a courses but they answer no but it's a good idea....ah ah....
    In Italy we have another model but is more expensive than Phoenix...probably because have an Engine of 90mm and support Epic ....
    Now I have problem only with Pitch because move down and back without control....Yaw it's only slowly to take a right position and roll is good more and less....probably I need to work in little correction in follow mode setting like debead and esponenzial....
    I don't Understand why in "I" if I put over 0,01 the engine start to vibrate and why when I clik auto offset in follow mode results that Pitch is -20/-21
    ....Thanks a lot
  • Hopefully the manufacturer is reading this forum and realises it is his business to help you to get the gimbal working perfectly, as this is very bad publicity for Phoenix a50.