Mini 3 axis alexmos brushless controler
  • I bought this controller http://aerialpixels.com/shop/gimbals/mini-3-axis-alexmos-brushless-gimbal-controller/. It's my second gimbal build and I wanted the real thing so I bought Alexmos. This one has 2 IMU's, I don't know why? the computer part of the project works perfect, It had firmware 1b9, I installed 2.40. The Gui shows all the correct directions. The trouble is when I hookup gimbal the roll motor does nothing, I can feel the magnets trying to do something, the gui responds correctly. the pitch motor is very much stronger and will only stay in about 6 places in 360 degrees held strong by magnets, the motor will over heat in a minute or two. The gimbal will not do any thing that it is supposed to. I have spent a lot of time searching before posting this. The forums usually answer my questions without me having to post. My 27.00 one works great. Thanks-----------------Mike
  • The board comes as 3-axis by default but has the capability of running in dual IMU mode ( 2-axis and yaw axis separately) if preferred. Soldering required to change to dual IMU mode. Settings will have to be done in 2 GUI’s