2 Axis Gimbal Not Position itself correctly.
  • My gimbal was working correctly prior to having this problem. I'm using firmware 2.2 b2 I launched the GUI to make adjustment to tilt but I did something horribly wrong. The video below is what happen when I turn on the unit keep in mind I left the position alone but if I moved the position the gimbal it would either tilt up or down to 90 degree and repeatedly try to keep moving as seen in video.


    I also been in discussion with another user who asked me a series of question which I provided the answer too please see below if any can assist please do.


    [OK then - a few things to check:
    - did you do the Accelerometer calibration with the sensor immobilised and the right way up?
    - is the sensor orientation correct within the software? (ie it doesn't matter whether the sensor is fixed to the back or the bottom of the camera as long as the software's been told. In the GUI, switch off the motors, then check that the 3 airplane indicators on the right correctly represent the camera's orientation)
    - the camera seemed to start a cycle of jerking when you switched it on in the video - could the tilt motor's cable be plugged in the wrong way round?

    plus of course - is the camera balanced properly? That is, if the gimbal's switched off, will the camera pretty much stay where you put it? ]


    [First I would like to say Thank you for the response and help.

    For your first question regarding ACCELERMOTER:

    I seen this message in read so I went and click on the CALIBRATE-ACC but I didn't adjust the level I left the position of the camera in place which was a mistake. After I waited a few seconds I click on CALIBRATE-GYRO and I think this is where things went wrong after I did that I saw my position on odd location I click AUTO in the BASIC tab for both since I didn't know what was going on I waited and turn off the unit.

    Sensor Question:

    I didn't do anything with the sensor. Just a FYI the only reason for me to even use the software in the first place is because I wasn't get a full 90 degree up or Down so I wanted to adjust that.

    Your Question about the tilt motor:

    No the cables are fine The gimbal was working correctly before me monkeying around with it when I should of read the manual prior to clicking button options in the software. For example I left the position so people can see my issue if I turn the unit off and move the position in the correction orientation and then power on the tilt would either go up or down about 90 degrees then jerk repeatedly like you saw in the video.

    Camera Balance question:

    If I turned off the unit I can move the camera position in any direction without an issue but if your asking would it stay where it is currently the answer is yes. ]
  • After reading documentation I realize what I did that got me where I am when I launch the software I calibrated -acc incorrectly basically just clicking button not knowing I completely screw up my gimbal configuration so my question is how I can I properly tune this guy back I tried a factory reset and re-calibrated-acc and the gyro but I notice my pitch arrow is facing the wrong direction but the gimbal response to the correct orientation movement I also notice a bit or jerkyness in the motor with harsh movement to my left.
  • Anyone reading this post issue is resolved.