better higher power or P?
  • Hi,
    I noticed that higher power setting requires lower P (and D) values.
    Is it better to have higher power and lower PID values or the other way around - lower power and higher PID?
    so far I have stable solution with the latter but if I disturb gimbal with my finger it has trouble getting back to level (just buzzes and the motor doesn't hold it at all until I manually move - then the motor gets hold of it and keeps it).

    with higher power the gimbal was returning smoothly back to level but I was getting a lot of jitters on the move. And motors were vibrating with higher P and D. Thats why I use less power (half) and higher P and D which eliminated the jitters and gave me good footage.

    anyone knows how P and power are really related? what is the trick to finding the right power value for the system?

  • pOlas...the overall power is related to the P on the PID´s but is more the voltage the motors get when you unbalance the gimbal. Example: you have overall power at 120. Then the P is 15. You upset the gimbal and notice you need more power...turn the P up and no change. This is because the overall power is too low. You have to have an overall power right for the motors. You have to set the right voltage for your motors. That is the frist thing.
  • that makes sense but how do you know the right voltage (power) for a motor? how do you test it? this is one parameter I have no idea how to set and it has huge impact on the gimbal behaviour. considering it is the starting point there should be some way to determine it, right? you start from default 50 and tune it up and when do you stop raising it?
  • start raising the overall power. Wait for 10mns if it is too hot (more than 60-70 degrees) lower the power. Better would be to ask the manufacturer....but you will realize that they either don´t know or won´t tell because they are rewound motors. I do it by experience and camera weight.