tweaking gimbal - opinion needed
  • @kikojiu I would love to hear your opinion on this. This is the best I was able to get. It is not perfect but I don't know if it is possible to get it any better. 2 axis rc timer gimbal is too small for my camera but with some additional lead weights I got it balanced quite well. All together it has to move roughly 1kg.

    ROLL - PID 20 0.01 42 power 90
    PITCH - PID 15 0.01 22 power 90

    motors 5010
    battery 3s
    gyro trust 150
    follow mode
    firmware 2.4
  • I think it looks like it´s going in the right direction...I would raise the I to .03 and if you find it not so rocksteady increase the D. Also you should do some longer sequential movements so I could give you my opinion. Do some walking please and film it.
    gyro trust 110.
  • I tried with higher I 0.02 and 0.03 before and it was very jittery (rolling-shutter etc). Couldn't get any acceptable footage with it. D values are already pushing the limits - if the gimbal is perfectly balanced the motors resonate with my current values. I have to have it a tiny bit imbalanced with some strain on the motors to stop them from vibrating.
    It was raining all day today... I will try to do some walking tomorrow if the weather permits. Appreciate your input mate.
    I will keep experimenting tomorrow. cheers.
  • Start by using 4s batteries. 3s is definitely not enough...
  • i will need to invest in a new charger then. Thanks for the tip mate.