My brushless gimbal so far.
  • Hey Basecam forums.

    I thought it would be a good idea to share my build with you guys, In the way of maybe giving an idea or getting some new ideas from you guys ;)

    Well lets start of with some stats and info about the gimbal.

    The gimbal frame itself is from FunToBuyOnline, These kits are Very very hard to do if your not techy and good to do stuff with out manuals or anything. This frame came in bolts, nuts, plates and pipes wrapped with foam in a generic cardboard box. No manual was provided or to download. So a couple of hours were spend fiddling with the frame to get its complete. Right of the bat i could tell this would be tricky because of the 4 *spacers/plates* that you use to ascend or descend the pitch axes. So some new brackets had to be made. some pipes had to be cut to shorter and some new once needed to be purchased to extend some bits and pieces.

    The motors were purchased separatly from the same website. The Ipower 5208-120T motors. They may not be the most powerful or the best but they perform well enough to stabilize a 7D with a zoom or fast prime.

    Everything is mounted inside a Projectbox from ebay, It probably looks out of proportions to the gimbal but i wanted enough room to fit the following things, Alexsmos gimbalcontroller, 3rd Axis gimbal add-on, HD-SD converter (to framepreview screen), 2.4Ghz Reciver (Remote controller), XLR input (With Phantom power and proper balance), USB B connector And a Bluetooth module. All of this takes alot of space.

    Everything in this build has been trial and error for the most part. But hey isn't that half of the fun ;) ?

    Alright lets get some pictures of what iv been blabbing about for a while shall we?

    It probably isnt the most pretty gimbal, but i think the cabeling is decent (it may not show in the lighting that well but all the cables are sleeved and heat-shrunk. But it would never compare in looks with a 3K$ Gimbal that's not from china ;)

    Over view of the gimbal

    A view of the axes part of the gimbal as well as some of the sleeving job ;)

    7D With 18-55mm Kit lense

    Here you can see the Joystick (Nicked from a broken PS2 controller) and a momentary switch (Pain to fit inside a 20mm carbon tube. You can also see the USB B connector on the side (Milliput is a brilliant thing to use :) )

    Handle part of the gimbal

    Here is a shitty picture that shows the gimbals topside. Here you can see the monitor im using ( cheap car cam composit screen, only used for framing the subject)

    Topside of gimbal

    Thats all i have as of now ;)

    Any tips or ideas are greatly apriciated.

    If you have any questions i'm more then willing to answer them ;)