2.2 b2 - Yawing causes Roll change
  • If I do NOT have the gimbal board connected to the Flight Controller, Yawing has no effect on the Roll. I can spin (yaw) my copter in place and the horizon stays level.

    When I connect the board to the FC, it behaves strangely, where yawing makes the roll tilt.

    I have been searching the threads here and haven't found a simple setting or solution to prevent that. It's a killer because it makes the video totally unlevel.


  • Have you set the external FC gains, is it performing well when rotating round Pitch and Roll axis?

    Is your RC sub-trims calibrated?

    What mode are you using?

    If you look in realtime data, does the EXT_FC_ROLL change during Yaw, if yes the problem is in the Flight Controller.

    Are you sure you have connected your FC camera tilt channel to FC_Pitch and Roll channel to RC_Roll?

    When you start the system, is the camera facing directly forward? This question makes me actually wonder how the FC functionally can work when Yaw is drifting. I have the FC functionally in use on a handheld gimbal and it is great for stabilising the gimbal when everything else fails, but I can set the 90 degrees angle between camera lens and handle visually.

    I added a feature request, http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/678/potentiometer-for-yaw
  • Thanks...I'll take a look at those settings.

    Like I mentioned in a different post, the only connection between the FC and the gimbal board is a single wire to receive the channel for RC pitch control. Having said that, since the behavior with the yaw/roll is different with that connected is different than with it disconnected, maybe there's something to that.

    Not sure what I do about it if it is something with the FC.
  • It sounds you Flight Controller is sending not only the Pitch command as you set it from the transmitter, but also gimbal servo signal. Or something like that. You could see this from the real time display.