• When I first got the gimbal, I didn't have it connected to the Flight Controller. It worked beautifully, except I wished I could tilt the pitch down just a bit to keep the blades of my quadcopter from showing.

    So I configured it to work with my FC and my Remote Control. Now the pitch lever manually controls the pitch so I can adjust it.

    However, during flight, the pitch seems to be in Follow Mode even if I have Disable checked on (2.2 b2). The behavior is thus: if I fly the copter forward, rather than keeping the camera angle as it was, it slowly pitches down. Then pitches back up when the copter stops/levels.

    The workaround I've been using is to disconnect the wire from the board to the FC once I've set the angle I want. But that's definitely ONLY a workaround, since it means I can't change the pitch with the RC mid-flight any more.

    I assumed that Disabled would mean just that...that there would be no Follow Mode. Am I missing something? Perhaps it's not really a Follow Mode issue, but then why does it work well when NOT connected to the FC?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  • Sounds really complicated setup. You should keep FC only for FC and have a separate channel for Pitch control.

    Also I would suggest updating the FW. 2.4 needs some work to get it working though. Is there some reason you are still at 2.2?
  • Well, when I say "FC", the only connection I really have is for the channel that receives the RC Pitch control.

    2.2 came on the gimbal as I bought it. I don't really know how to flash it and upgrade it...that's pushing the bounds of my abilities. :) Unless there is a specific bug related to the issue I'm facing, I'm inclined to leave it at 2.2.