What is the max voltage that DYS 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless Gimbal can handle ?
  • I have a DYS 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless Gimbal with mini 3 axis AlexMos Controller Board on a DJI F550 using 4S batteries. Can I hook up direct to 4S supply or do I need a 12V regulator when using 4S or above.. Can't find the specs on this board for power anywhere. Thanks.
  • There is many versions of the board, mine handheld gimbal takes well the 4S. Motor internal resistance may also affect. The parameters need to be tuned according the used voltage. Power mostly.
  • This is the board. DYS Simple BGC2.3 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller BGC 2.3 Mini Gimbal Driver. I can't use it till I know what the specs are of the board and I can't find that anywhere. Seems pretty simple. Board should come with specs so we don't fry the board and everything attached to it.

  • capy01, try to ask neccessary infromation from DYS - servo@dys.hk
  • Hello,

    I need the same information....

    I am using 4S lipo, and want power the gimbal directly. (DYS 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless Gimbal ).

    Unable to find the information. Does anybody has this information ??

  • 3 cell to 6 cell
  • Anyone running on 4S successfully with the DYS 3-axis?