• Amazing SW. I was testing it and it is a huge difference from previous versions. Please release the 32bit board. It wil be the best BGC in the world... ;-)
  • I have once updated using OSX to version 2.3. The 2.3 GUI works ok on OSX, but when I try to update the firmware I get Cannot run program ...avrdude: error=2, No such file or directory ???

    The file is there, but it is .exe so I do not know why OSX should run it.

    So what is going on? Do I have to start Windows to get the firmware updated?
  • Hello!

    Firmware update from GUI works only on Windows (it uses avrdude that available for Windows only)
  • Ok, I will go to Windows then, but I am pretty sure I updated to 2.3 using OSX,,, maybe it is my memory failing.

  • Ok, I got it updated on Windows.

    1. I had to reconfigure the follow me, now the GUI seems to work as expected. before I got the follow me somehow configured and it was ok mostly. Now after 5 minute test the operation seems more trustworthy.

    2. What I am worried about after the first very short testing is that my joystick that is connected over RS interface does not work any more?? Is there some changes on RS communication or should I enable something?

    I will continue testing tomorrow.
  • I did some short further testing. I like the normal mode, seems to be more accurate as promised and after disturbance returns nicely to level. Some PID tuning is required. The user manual description for "I" is as always, unclear "The“I”value changes the speed at which the gimbal moves to incoming RC commands". What does RC command mean here?

    Some strange behaviour in follow me, when pitching more than ca. +/- 45 degrees it stops following? Are the RC Control values affecting this? I did not test yet. (Edit: just tested, yes the RC Control min and max values seem to affect this.)

    First trials with "Estimate frame angles from motor" really nice I can tilt over 90 degrees on normal mode and it remains stabile.

    My biggest concern remains, is the 2.4 supporting the Serial protocol ??
  • After updating to the new 2.4 FW i can't seem to get follow yaw to work. I have it enabled in the GUI but it only works in lock mode. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • Does/will the version 2.4 support the serial protocol ?

    I have now modified my joystick to work over PPM, I was planning to do this anyway, but I still would like to have the serial protocol...
  • I have not tested in real life, i.e filming but everything looks good so far. Roll, Pitch, Yaw and CMD works good over Sum-PPM, though I think RS was more accurate. and provided more control.

    Tomorrow I will be looking into FC_ROLL and FC_PITCH, hopefully they work over Sum-PPM too. Though I am not quite sure what the function will be now when Estimate frame angles from motor is available. Can they / should they be used at the same time? Some more information on this would be appreciated.

    There is one request now when RS seems not to be available, a second CMD channel would be good. One for setting the 3 modes and other for other settings.
  • Hi dapedo...disconnect from computer and power cycle the gimbal. Should be working fine after that