Move the IMU?
  • In my trouble to get my gimbal to do what I want it to do;

    If you would move the IMU from the camera "arm" to the aircraft body, would it be beneficial?

    Of course this would require some adjustments to the software, dunno if its possible with the current..
  • How would the SW know then on what position the camera is?

    2 IMUs, one in camera and other on aircraft body would be good and in a way already supported.
  • The SW does not need to know the position of the camera. It just tells the camera where to point. But I guess feedback is needed somehow?

    I saw the second IMU input. Is there a way to connect a DJI naza?
  • no...2 imu need 2 boards. One for tilt and roll other for yaw
  • Why I asked this?

    Because I think I *may* have isolated some of the jerks I have to, not so much the settings, but the location of the IMU being on the gimbal itself.

    When I start or stop a motion rather sudden, the gimbal itself is moving because of g-forces on the anti-vibration balls?

    Now, my guess is, that if you isolate the IMU from movements the gimbal itself may make, so locate it on the aircraft, it compensates not only for attitude changes, but also for movements the gimbal itself makes because of g forces, vibrations acting on the gimbal.

    But, hee, I am just guessing. When I fly slow things are fine most of the time, but if I make more sudden changes in attitude there is sometimes a delay in attitude compensation, aka jerk.

  • Have you tried the FC_ROLL and FC_PITCH inputs?
  • No. Isn't this for connecting an "external" flight controller? What can I do with this having a simple Phantom NAZA?
  • My problems is best illustrated with this, I guess:


    I descend a bit to get s shot of the guy, and then press the stick forward, but decide not to come closer after all, and release the stick again. The camera "dips" a bit....

    Edit: I meant this movie to start at 3 mins 1 second, but it doesn't work
  • Nice video. Could the dipping be mechanical limit?

    NAZA has the gimbal outputs, you should be able to use them. (I have not tried this yet, but it should work.)
  • What do you mean by gimbal outputs? Tilt control? I have that sort of connected :)

    Mechanical limit? I don't understand....
  • With mechanical limit I mean the gimbal is at its maximum movement, it is mechanically stopped. This could happen when the multi copter is tilting a lot, like in stoping fast movement.

    NAZA has gimbal outputs for controlling Pitch and Roll servo, it should be possible to use them for FC_PITCH and FC_ROLL, but maybe not if you are using it also for Tilt (Pitch).