Arris CM3000 Horizon and Wobble woes
  • My Arris CM3000 does not hold horizon well.

    In the start of the video its pretty clear.

    It already doesn't start "the run" very horizontal, but then, forward flight, tilt down 90 degrees, yaw about 90 degrees, tilt up 90 degrees and voila, is it 15 degrees off ?

    During the rest of the flight you see sort of the same, in more or less degrees.

    Also, there is a low frequency wobble.

    It was a bit windy, but it should not matter I suppose.

    During the flight you see that the Gimbal sometimes regains it sense of what is horizontal, but most of the time its off.

    It is kind of unworkable like this.

    I hope there is a Arris / SimpleBGC wizard out there who can guide to unwobblieness and horizontal horizons...

    I run the standard settings that came with the gimbal, just did some CALIB.ACC and CALIB.GYRO

  • Ok, RTFM

    Did the advanced calibration, and lowered gyro thrust to 84 (from 100).

    This solves most horizon problems. Its not perfect, but not as annoying as before.

    Then, to the wobble, aka low frequency (pitch) oscillations. Need to lower P and increase D.

    Did a few test flights, lowering P increasing D, moderate improvement.

    Also increased power until the fast oscillations started, set them back.

    There is still a, as it seems to me, a slow reaction to attitude changes causing a distinct delay in response.... This would suggest decreasing D?

    Anyways, it getting dark.

    Current settings for the Arris 3 axis Gimbal:


    roll 26, 0.2, 22
    pitch 10 ,0.2 ,22
    yaw 12, 0.2, 12


    roll, 108
    pitch, 80
    yaw, 86

    gyro thrust, 84

    RC control

    LPF pitch 5, speed 3

  • Ok, will keep talking to myself. Maybe its useful to someone.

    This morning I was about to start new calibration flights, but the gimbal went crazy. Obviously somehow its settings were lost. Connected to the PC, loaded setting and recycled power; back in business. (Guess it lost its advanced calibration, horizon drifted again)

    But, micro vibes. The vibes disappeared during the first minutes of flight.... Back home I lowered the pitch power (not P) (with a full battery) until the vibes ceased.

    At battery monitoring I set the "Compensate voltage drop" at 12,4 volts. (Hope this works with this gimbal)

    Lesson for me, use the calibration program with a full battery. Feel the gimbal for vibes, move the aircraft, feel for vibes. Sometimes the gimbal does not vibe when the aircraft is in rest, but starts the vibes when it has to apply corrections.

    Ok, some more test flights.
  • Raise the I on the roll. Possibly up to 0.35. Also raise the P on the roll. And do gyro calibration properly. meaning keeping the câmera lying on the floor or other surface. The gyro trust should be 100-110.
  • This is assuming your gimbal is perfectly balanced...
  • What I do to get maximum (P)ower to the roll, is: put my finger on the gimbal and feel for micro vibes. At a certain setting, microvibes could be felt even without applying any pressure. I then reduced power to the roll, until microvibes ceased. I then applied some pressure to the gimbal, and then reduced power to the roll until microvibes ceased while applying pressure.

    I sort of guess this gives me the max p on the roll.

    I thought the I was for incoming RC commands, (remote controller aka rx/tx) ?

    I only use pitch....

    But I will raise it, see what happens.

    Waiting for the wind to lay down a bit, and I'll have another go.
  • Another test flight to get to the right settings on the Gimbal.

    (The third day actually)

    Weather is definitely not right for this, its windy and turbulent (look at some of the trees)

    Balanced Plastic Vision Props on T Motored Phantom 1. Arris CM3000, with 4 softballs and 4 hardballs.

    Alexmos (2.3b) settings:

    PID settings:

    Roll: 26,0.3,22
    Pitch: 10,0.3,22
    Yaw: 12,0.3,12

    Power: Roll, 104, Pitch 64, Yaw, 84
    Gyro Thrust 110

    Follow Yaw, on, deadband 6 degrees.

    Compensate Voltage Drop on at 12,4 volts (if this works on the CM3000)

    Dissatisfied on the results, again some horizon drift, too much vibes, may want to do advanced calibration again, sigh.

    I added another variable to the tests in between, changed 4 soft to hardballs (out of eight), not good to do if you want to get PID's etc right.

    I also asked if they would keep the weather consistent over a few days, since I am testing, but they didn't listen.

    The Phantom was shaking around a lot during this flight. Didn't take it up high, probably more adverse wind effects.

    I think you see two kind of vibes in this video. One of them is airframe (micro) vibrations, don't think its micro vibes from the gimbal as a result of too high power, another low frequency vibe is from the gimbal not really keeping up.

    Gopro Black+, Shot at 60fps wide, cut a bit and saved as 29,97 fps 1080p, saved with average bitrate 4000 kb/s, actual bitrate 3555 kb/s (no sound) 4:18 minutes, file size 112,546 KB

    Next step, get the softballs back on my guess is that they are better for reducing vibes, but OMG they are soft, and easily removed, a big pull on the Gimbal and the thing comes loose I guess. Wait for some less turbulent weather, reduce gyro thrust again. See how she goes.

  • Looking or the Holy Grail of PID's

    So, another test flight, with some less wind above my favorite rice field. If anything goes wrong, a wet but soft landing and a sure recovery ;)

    Changed back to CF Vision Style Props, they are very jerky in high winds, but do ok in moderate and no wind. One T Motor (just a few flights :( ) has developed a bad sounding bearing.

    Although the SimpleBGC manual states you need to increase D to decrease low frequency oscillations, which I think I have in my previous videos, I tried decreasing them.

    This sort of helps. Stability is improving, but still vibes and a bit of slow oscillation, aka wobble.

    Did an advanced calibration again, horizon still drifting but a bit better.

    Current SimpleBGC settings:


    ROLL: 30,0.35,16
    PITCH 12,0.35,14
    YAW 14,0.3,14

    Motor Config:

    ROLL: 106
    PITCH 66
    YAW 84


    Follow Yaw Deadband 6 degrees.

    Balls used: 6 soft black ones, and two blue balls from my Goodluckbuy gimbal, since I tore a black soft one up, they are like chewing gum don't you think?

    I janked the Phantom around a bit, this was not a let's go slow flight.

    Next will be decreasing D even more I guess add a little P?

    Shot with Gopro at 60fps, video cut and saved at 30fps.

    Ow, if its not in the settings, you have to buy a better quad.
  • I am sorry to have bothered you with my wobble problem. It was never in the PIDS or the Gimbal itself.

    I used 3rd party Carbon CF props. I balanced them. So I never thought it could be the props.

    After I crashed due to the quad drowning in its own vortex AND the behavior of these props, I changed to official DJI Vision 9443 props.

    Guess what? Wobble gone, and I fly with the default configuration that came with the Gimbal.

    If there is a moderator here, please delete all my posts, because it was never about the Alexmos Software. It was a prop problem.

  • Hey Ton4. What settings do you actually use? I also have a CM3000 and a Gopro Hero3, but there are some vibrations...
    Hope you can give me your pids and motor settings! Thank you so much!
  • Hi,
    I am using cm3000 por gimbal.
    AlexMos 32 bit board.

    And I upgrate to version: 2.41 b4 and now my gimbal shaking (chills,vibration). I took a video..,

    Please help me what should I do..

    Thank you..
  • It would be always good to save the values before doing update. However depending of your previous version it might be necessary to tune anyway.

    You should carefully read the users manual, do the basic tuning and then the PID tuning and set rest of the values as needed.

    Also why not update to latest FW, when you are doing this now anyway?
  • Thank for your interest..

    Hobby-wing publish tis note:

    Please Note:
    For the AlexMose 32bit controller board, after hundreds of repeatedly testing, we got final conclusion that the current 2.41B4 version is the most stable one. We are not responsible for any bad influence caused by personally firmware upgrading to the latest version.

  • and then I upgrade it 2.41B4 now gimbal shaking..
  • Then you should get the stable values/support from Hobby-wing for the FW 2.41B4 or you should carefully read the users manual, do the basic tuning and then the PID tuning and set rest of the values as needed.
  • @ sayginterzi,
    did you find a sollution? I recevied mine, with 2.41b4 and with the stock values if have a lot of skaking... :(
    Can anyboy publish his PIDs for cm3000 pro?