What is the max voltage that the BGC board can handle?
  • I'm running 4S on my QAV and was wondering if I could power the BGC board with a 4S power lead, or should I tap into the 12V regulator that I use to supply power to my VTx?
  • 4S is maximum.
  • I have a DYS 3 Axis Smart Gopro Brushless Gimbal with mini 3 axis AlexMos Controller Board on a DJI F550 using 4S batteries. Can I hook up direct to 4S supply or do I need a 12V regulator. Can't find the specs on this board for power anywhere. Thanks.
  • I tried to use ATX power supply, providing 15Amps. And got 1V ripple.
  • You do not net much current for these gimbals.
  • capy01 for a small gimbal like that you don´t need all that power. I mounted a RED on mine and run 4S and power is far from being on the maximum setting.