Semi stable? Needs more tuning?
  • Hello Basecam members!

    I just finished building a diy gimbal and im very eager to use it in productions and such. But it seems that i have a problem.
    I've read some tuning tutorials and followed tuning videos made by people of this forum and other forums. From what I have read I have managed to get it *semi* stable to a point where its usable (please correct me if im wrong). But i feel like it could be tuned way better.

    I have made a video to show the stability i have gotten to now. This is very unstable compeared to some other videos on this forum but this is the best i could manage to tune it to (this is after many hours and countless attempts with different settings and tutorials)


    Could you guys give me some hints and point me in the direction i need to go to really get it smooth and super stable.

    Thanks in advance ;)
  • Not enough Power on the roll. Not enough D on the yaw. Perhaps you should try new 2.4B6 just released.
  • Hey Kikojiu,
    Thanks for the reply.

    I've updated to the latest firmware and after a painstaking amount of hours trying to get it somewhat tuned this is the best i could. Any input on what settings are wrong or what could be done better is very apriciated. (if i try to change the settings now it just ends up with vibration from the motors)

  • hello, your pitch still need work
  • Hey AOPEN3434,

    I just tried to do some more tuning to the pitch but it just ends up vibrating :S, I wish i were better at tuning.

    But the PID settings for my pitch is P= 14 I=0.06 D=7 Power `=80 Could you tell me whats wrong with that config?

    Deadband is set to 1

  • Hello please watch the tuning video
  • Hybridz0rz your P is too high I think...lower a bit. The I is too high. Should be around 0.03. D I guess around 40. Give it a try
  • Hey again ;)
    Thanks for the suggestion it helped me a bit to fine tune it a bit. AOPEN3434 i would love to watch a tuning video but from my lurking around the web iv only managed to fine balancing videos but no actual indepth PID tuning guide.

    This is my results from playing about with the pidsettings and fine ajusted, I can notice that the pitch is
    a bit jerkish in fast up and down movements. Im not sure if this is the I or P that needs increasing or decreasing.

  • Looks good. I would try decreasing the I and see if iot gets better. To 0.03. The D should be up too.
  • Hey,
    Could you guys have a look at my post here,
    I guess it's a similar issue, but I need your advise,
  • Looks good. I would try increasing the I and see if iot gets better.