Spektrum DX8 Aux3 Knob Pitch Control
  • Hi, thanks for let me to be here, i´m an owner of a brushless 2axis gimbal with alexmos board, all are properly setup, is a plug and play gimbal, i dont have any problems at all, yet, but i need a little help with the TILT RC control, i setup the pitch control on the Aux3 Knob of my Skektrum DX8 transmitter and when i use it for tilt down the camera for example, nothing happens when i use the knob up the middle of the knob, after that the camera rotates totally and wont stops, even if not what I'm no turning it, can any help me to fix that? i need to turn the knob and get the rotation of the camera from the beginning, i setup 5° camera facing forward and 85° with the camera facing down. Thank you for your answer and sorry for my english.