Changing profiles mid flight
  • Wondering if there is a way to change from one profile to another while in flight.

    I'd like to be able to take off in 'follow' (using a 3 axis board) and switch to a 'pan lock' mode once in the air, or vise versa.

  • I have not tried but if I remember correctly, according the instructions 3 profiles can be controlled via transmitter.
  • Yeah, I think it's in the RC settings, there is a place for that.
  • Excellent. Thanks. I'll look into that.

    I've read:

    "Youcanconfigure2-or3-positionswitchonyourRC for specified channel, and assign it to CMD channel. Its range is split in the 3 sections : LOW ,MID ,HIGH. When changing the position of your RC-switch, signal jumps from one section to another, and assigned command is executed. The full list of available commands is described in the section “MENU BUTTON” of this manual."

    I'm not sure how to assign a3position switch to a specific channel. Maybe this is done within my dx7, or in the GUI. Seems all my channels are taken by throttle,elevation,etc. but I might be misunderstanding.
  • You need to have one channel assigned to a switch and use that for CMD, physically connect and set it up in GUI.
  • I'll give that a go tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  • I also want to switch profiles using the radio. I'm very glad I found this discussion.
    But how exactly the GUI is configured to make the CMD work? And the channel?
    I tried several times with no luck...
    The manual doesn't give too many details on this...
  • Yes, I played around with this for a little while.

    I'm going to try again today. No luck so far.

    I've been wondering what "virt chan1-7" is. Maybe that plays a roll?
  • Do you have the transmitter and receiver paired, do you have a servo that could be used to test that transmitter/receiver works before connecting to board?
  • I see that you have DX7 TX.
    Try to put a cable from your receiver (lets say ch6) to your alexmos EXT_ROLL pins.
    Then at CMD tab in RC Settings, assign the EXT_ROL-PMW to the CMD.
    At command assignment go and put LOW-MID-HIGH = profile 1,2,3.
    Now assign the ch 6 in your TX to be linked to a 3 switch position stick.
    Everything should working, if your 3 switch positions is not working in the parameters that you will see under command assignment, you can fine tune the output in your DX7 TX.
    I manage to make this on my FUTABA t14SG with any problem.
    Hope you can do it.
  • Thanks a lot for the help.
    I'll try again and comment how it goes. I'm trying with a Futaba 6J, and it worked perfectly with AV200, so it's not a radio transmitter or receiver issue.
    I think it's more a radio/channel issue than a software one.
    Best regards.
  • A servo and receiver battery would help a great deal to make sure that the control you are thinking is controlling the channel you have connected to the board. Setting it up from the GUI should be quite straight forward after you have everything correctly connected.
  • I did it!
    The problem was that I was assigning the VIRT CHAN to CMD, when in fact the working connection was EXT ROLL or something like that, which I wasn't really using for anything.
    I saw the working commands in the Realtime tab and I realized the mistake.
    Now it's working just perfectly and I'm very happy!
    Thank you all for your assistance, and especially to cata, who led me almost directly to the solution with his/her nice explanation.
    Best regards.
  • So to be clear, the AlexMos can only have two input channels? The Roll and Pitch?
    Of course you can reassign the PWM signals to yaw, pitch, roll, and modes.

    But what If you want to use Yaw and pitch and also switch modes?
    I guess the only way would be to use the button to switch it?
    I would try using a PWM to switch board to hopefully control the Button.
  • nice work and thanks for sharing the details - I have been trying to work out how to assign the virtual channels with no luck - I thought that it was to be used with SBUS but I have had no luck, anyone else?
  • Virtual channels work great with Sum PPM.
  • Garug, could you please give more details? are you using Futaba SBUS for the control of say YAW & PITCH? if so could you give me more details as I have tried and had no luck with the SimpleBCG 3 axis board on f/m 2.3
  • What I use is a custom made solution that sends Pitch, Roll, Yaw and CMD controls and FC_PITCH and FC_ROLL over Sum PPM. Serial port could also be used, but current FW2.4 has a bug on serial communication. It has a IMU for providing the FC information and joystick and CMD button for controlling.

    As far as I know the current boards do not support SBUS, the next 32 bit board hopefully supports. I have been thinking adding SBUS support to the above mentioned custom made solution, but when native SBUS support will come available, that would be obsolete.
  • Sum PPM is for Spekrum and Turnigy receivers but not for Futaba is that right Garug?

    I am looking for a solution so that I can control YAW,PITCH and MODE via the receiver using Futaba is there any way of doing this on either the 2.3 or 2.4 SimpleBGC 3 axis?
  • SumPPM and SBUS are totally different protocols. Many brands can do SumPPM and some other than Futaba SBUS too.

    If you have enough PWM inputs on your board you could use a separate receiver or SBUS to PWM converter and hook that up with the board. (but if you have only 4 connectors and are using 2 of them for FC..., Well you could hook the YAW and PITCH to the board PWM inputs and use a RC relay to toggle the actual mode button on the board)

    You could also uses SBUS to SumPPM converter or PWM to SumPPM converter.

    So there is solutions, but they all are somewhat complicated until the FW supports SBUS directly. The GUI already mention on some places SBUS...
  • Has anybody managed to connect a futaba 14sg and sucessfully use sbus and virtual channels?
    I have tried everything it seems, but with no luck.
    If somebody has managed to do this i would appreciate a little help or guidance!

  • SBUS works very well, but I believe it is supported only by 32 bit boards.

    See on the 14sg servo monitor to what channel the control is assigned and use the same number virtual channel.

    Also make sure SBUS is selected on GUI as input and the receiver correctly connected.
  • I am planing in controlling my gimbal via sbus as well. I could not answer one question so far. For instance when controlling the yaw angle via a sbus channel does the alexmos board take the channel value for an absolute position? Sort of as it is when controlling standard sbus servos. Or is it more like if the value is greater than middle position (1023) then it moves right if the value is less than 1023 it moves left? Any information on this is greatly appreciated.
  • It is on user manual, and bot options are supported, speed mode and angle mode.
  • Hello to all. I have been browsing the Basecam forum for some time now. I have a Futaba 14SG with a Futaba 14 channel receiver. I'm using the EXT_ROLL-PMW on the 32 bit Basecam BGC for the CMD hooked up to an aux. channel on my receiver. I assigned the aux. channel using a 3 position toggle switch on my transmitter for the CMD. I set the CMD to low on home lock which locks into home position/course lock to follow my heading on my hexacopter, however, the gimbal starts to drift horizontally on the yaw axis immediately after the home lock is set. I was hoping that someone knowledgable in this area can help me correct this issue.
  • It is likely not the CMD that is failing, if the limits are so that it is clearly changing the profile. There is something wrong on that profile. Check RC assignments and joystick calibration and dead band. Also make sure IMUs are properly calibrated, though that should affect all profiles, but maybe not follow mode so much.
  • Garug, thanks for your recommendations. I will play around with RC assignments, joystick calibration, and dead band. My IMUs appear to be calibrated correctly along with proper balancing of the camera on the gimbal. All works well with pitch, yaw, and roll except when I switch the CMD toogle switch to homelock.
  • If it is 32 bit, you can set it follow mode only, and control follow speed over RC. Follow speed 0 = no follow, and works just like normal follow mode (with resent FW, some a bit older FW had a bit different functionality.)
  • Does anyone know if more than one 3-way switch can be set up? I'd love to have a way to get the gimbal back to original/home position, in addition to switching profiles.