32 bit Version with 2nd IMU
  • Anyone know about the new 32 bit AlexMos with 3-axis or 2nd IMU? Stoke the rumor mill as we say.
  • A bit of an update would be very welcome. I have a 3 axis kit and a small gimbal on the way from Shenzhen. It is for a Sony action cam. But I am sure I will build something more substantial.
    So a bit of a rumor would be fun.
  • Waiting for same info ... Today a client where the horizon drifts in some directions, but always come back to perfect level. Next startup again perfect level but other direction drift littlebit. Not much but its there . Never can tell wich time it wil be perfect horyzon in all directions, even in follow off mode and after recal gyro .... 6 point calibration done several times. Hope the 32 bit version will better in these things ...
  • An idea for new function: How about a fixed mode that keeps the platform centered on an object as you move about. It probably would need to have a 2 point fix to get a base line and object position. But that might only mean moving a few meters away for a second fix. This could also lead to a Find function that skews the camera to the object after being pointed away.
    I am usually late with these ideas, it probably has already been done... But I also want to move the thread up to top again... any news on the new board??
  • I found this on the site, didn't even know it was here
  • its been there for a while already
  • vandepoel the drift is gyro calibration and the way you calibraste it.
  • Yep, has to be dead silent
  • During Gyro calibration, IMU must be absolutely immobile. Orientation is not important. Sometimes I have bad gyro cal on power up because pushing the on off switch causes the gimbal to jiggle on the stand long enough to still be moving when calibration takes place after the flashing green LED. You can also assign gyro to button, so if it's slowly drifting, you can cal while power is on. (Or if you have disable gyro cal at startup)
  • dbeaty just let the gimbal+ camera lay flat on the floor when power up.
  • Nevr tought about that simple trick
  • vandepoel that way it´s dead still ;-) Try it it really works...
  • What happens when it powers up after cal on the floor, don't the motors go crazy?
  • no just start showing they´re alive. You lift it from the ground and it will be fine. Or you don´t have to wait much. As soon as you feel it coming alive lift it up.
  • From what I know, the 32bit version is do out about 3/31. Most places are taking pre-orders. Also most pre-orders I found are $175.00, except Aerialpixels is at $319.00.

  • I know there are 3-4 manufacturers and they are not all the same quality. The Armenian looks like it's shipping for 329
  • How do you know what you are getting? Not sure going by price is a sure bet.
  • No, the Armenian takes about € 239,-
    I ordert there, i think i get it next week.
  • That is true there are some no name Chinese AlexMos boards that people have emailed me about that they could not flash. Best to get a board from a reputable website, then you know it's coming from a good manufacturer. Look in the links here Where To Buy, those are a good start.