Using main board 2 axis as YAW, NOT Roll or Pitch
  • I am interested in hearing if anybody is running a main board as their YAW only setup. (NOT extension Yaw board)

    The reason for a such a setup is to cater for the heavy amp load if you are running a camera like a Red Epic.

    We have noticed that when configuring YAW as ROLL out in the advanced Tab and YAW to RC_ROLL_PWM that once the configuration is written to the board and the board is powered off and on again, the configuration is lost.

    The board has been changed.

    A solution was found by Changing the AXIS on the MPU, however this has a gotcha that ROLL is limited to -90 to +90(min.Angle max.Angle) therefore complete 360 rotation is not possible from the R/C input.

    Please only post, if you use THIS setup and HAVE found a solution.

    I have emailed info@basecam to suggest a possible bug with the firmware/hardware.