Strange anomolies on start up
  • I have had several times where I am away from the gimbal a while. The last time I used it, it was spot on. Then I power it up and follow mode goes bonkers. Shakes and trembles and bobs. I switch back into Joystick Mode. Dead Still, Works Fine. Switch Back to Follow Mode - Shakes all over. Do Gyro Cal, Nothing helps. Do Reset, Nothing, Do Manual Angles - seems to want to jump back to last angle - ignores my input. Power down, power up...then slowly it starts behaving. Then everything settles....What causes this. I am not changing settings, so it must be voltage related or the board warming up or something like that.???
  • You are using version 2.3b4 or 5 that is normal. Go to the follow mode and on the follow pitch roll yaw menu change the degrees to 90 meaning the roll will be locked, only levelling horizon. That does it. There are some features that I can´t understand why they´re there.
  • It just stopped. I didn't change anything...After switching it back and forth and hitting set angles manually and reset ...it just when back to behaving.
  • Yes, same problem too. I found only way to me. >> turn off power, wait few second then turn on again.
    Usually happened when yaw over current(I don't know why, because 5208-150T max 1.5A, 3rd extension board support up to 1.5A, I set the power only 215) or torque to low. It will miss yaw control, then going crazy.