Follow Pitch Roll Yaw on version 2.3b5
  • Hi all. I have installed the FW version 2.3 and created 3 profiles. 1- Follow yaw 2- Radio controlled 3- Follow Pitch. The first two work great when I change to Follow Pitch the gimbal goes crazy and can´t stabilize it. Help anyone?
  • Make sure you check all other controls - RC Control is all off in that profile. Usually it's a mistake in one setting conflicting with another follow setting.
  • The one not working properly is the follow pitch...not the radio one
  • There seems to be a bug... :-( I worked around it but it´s not ideal...
  • You need to create three profiles Identical. And one of them should be Follow. yaw & Pitch
  • Gaby that is what I did...all the same except the follow axis and follow pitch.
  • I have exactly same problem, I put off for all input I don't use, but it's not changing much.
    The only think I'm suspecting is a bad reset when I change mode, cause if I keep resetting with a long press on the button. Sometime it's working perfectly, and I can at this time change mode as many time as I want.
    Only a battery change can make the problem start again.