2 tilt axis motor along with pan and tilt motors from single alexmos board.
  • Hi guys i am building a gimbal to carry RED EPIC with 2xiPower GBM5108-120T for tilt on single output with reverse polarity on 3 axis alexmos board along with 2xiPower GBM8017-120T for pan and roll each altogether from single board. (connecting 2 motors on tilt output for tilt and another 2 motors for pan and tilt output each.)
    Is it possible to carry RED EPIC on it with this config or would it be better to use single GBM8017-120T for all axis? can alexmos power 2 tilt motors along with 2 other motors at the same time?

  • The famous question how to put 2 motor on tilt. It is almost like no one want to tell how to do it ...
  • I had one rig working with 2 tilt motors by just using a Y lead and by just reversing the direction in one of the motors. Strangely enough the second time I tried with a new rig it is not working and I dom´t know why....Help apreciated.
  • switch to 2.2B firmwear
  • Still not working...
  • reset to default and start there with the power
  • AOPEN3434 have you wired motors like this?
  • I got it working now on 2.2B switch back to 2.5 with the same settings it works I need to fine tune PITCH and YAW still but it some what stable.
  • poles are 32 yaw 24 pitch 32 Roll
  • regarding the two motors on one output: I have mine wired with a y-cable and one motor reversed. It's working fine.
  • mkp that is the way I did before...but on a different rig is not working...might be a faulty board?
    AOPEN3434 and mkp do you have set the polés the same way? I have 2x 22 poles motors and kept it 22 or changed it?
  • I 22 poles did not work for me 24 works for me on the larger motors 32 works for me constantly .
  • is you sensor working as expected? the PIDS you posted before were very bad .
  • I may change to 22 poles on tilt to see if I have any better results I let you know. 24 poles on tilt is working for me now.
  • The numbers of poles are kept as is on my configuration. As for faulty board have you tried driving that axis from a different physical output yet to eliminate that as a variable?
  • I might have a problem with the board. Not only the 2 motors together don´t work but also both tilt and roll don´t invert the polarity on the GUI. They keep turning to the same diretion...
  • what your sensor doing is it behaving where do you have it mounted is it insulated? because if you do not have the sensor orientation set correctly you wasting your time .
  • The IMU is ok. Correctly oriented and calibrated. The board is not reversing the polarity on pitch and roll when I do so on the GUI. Can only be the 2 axis board as the 3rd axis reverses the polarity as it should.
  • Kikoj n Aopen, where is the right place to mount the IMU ??
  • btwn Pols are (NUM.POLES– Number of motor poles. This value needs to be equal to the number of
    magnets in your motor’s bell.) So I think its not something we need to tune it as we needed..i mean its the issue here :)
  • The IMU should be mounted right underneath the camera trying to intersect all three axis (in line with all of them)
  • Hi everybody!

    I am building a gimbal with 2xGBM8108-150 for pan and roll, and 2xG5208-200 for tilt axis. Now trying to figure out how to connect both tilt rotors to the same connection on the board. I though about the Y cable solution, but my question is how I reverse one of them… Do I just connect it the opposite way than the other one? Or need an special already reversed y-cable? I am quite new in this world, so I really appreciate your help…

  • reversing motors same way you revers all brushless motors swap the 2 outside leads!
  • Just to be sure…

    Do you mean I can use something like this:

    …and then connect one rotor one side up and the other one the same side down? I don`t know if I explain myself correctly…

    Thanks AOPEN3434
  • yes a Y cable will work but not like the one you got you need 2 mail at one end and one femail at the other. I guess you knew that!
  • Yes!!! I think I got it… Thanks a lot