2 tilt axis motor along with pan and tilt motors from single alexmos board.
  • Hi guys i am building a gimbal to carry RED EPIC with 2xiPower GBM5108-120T for tilt on single output with reverse polarity on 3 axis alexmos board along with 2xiPower GBM8017-120T for pan and roll each altogether from single board. (connecting 2 motors on tilt output for tilt and another 2 motors for pan and tilt output each.)
    Is it possible to carry RED EPIC on it with this config or would it be better to use single GBM8017-120T for all axis? can alexmos power 2 tilt motors along with 2 other motors at the same time?

  • singile 8017 is not the way to go because you will have a harder time balancing the rig it will be heavy on the side of the motor on the tilt axis. having 2 tilt motors is the better design easy to balance.
  • Nayan, due you plan to use YAW? We have had problems using your on a second main board to take into account the amp draw.
  • YES a lot of people have problems with YAW ext board because they do not connect it properly. Wires are too long unable to supply enough current to the motor. I use Male female headers no wires I never had that problem

  • Extension board works fine for me!
  • ok - thanks