All is working except follow mode
  • I have setup the gimbal to work and been perfectly working when follow mode is off, (Gui 2.3, firmware 2 3 b5 or 2 2 b2)

    I created a profile 2 with a external PS2 joystick to control it, it's working well, Yaw and tilt are controllable.
    But, as soon as I select follow "Pitch roll yaw", the gimbal start shaking in all axis and can't be used".
    Also, even if the Follow flight controller mode is working, when I hit "Follow Yaw" it's start shaking also
    photo can be seen at www.visionrouge.net/Gimbal_VR20131120.jpg
    Any idea where I should look?
    Setup problem, design?
    Thanks for your support

  • Follow mode and joystick mode are mutually exclusive as far as I know. Try turning joystick control off for Profile set for follow mode.

    I have Profile 1, Joystick controlls Pan and Tilt (For video terms) Yaw Pitch

    Profile 2, Follow mode for Pan and Tilt - no joystick,

    Profile 3 Follow mode for Pan, Joystick for tilt. - just make sure to turn off follow pitch.
  • Thanks fo rth efeedback,

    This is what I have. (and want)
    Profile 1, no follow, work great
    Profile 2, Folow RC for yaw and tilt, work great. (with PS2 Joystick)
    Profile 3 Follow mode pan and tile, not working. (no joystick control of course)

    During my test, I have to chose one of the 3 possible modes
    no follow OR follow RC OR follow axes.
    As soon as I choose the last one, the gimbal become crazy...
    And also, I have the checkbox "follow yaw" even in the joystick mode, it also made the gimbal going in any direction.

    I'm looking to find out why..
    Is the follow axis mode using other capabilities in the electronic or sensor?

  • I can read:
    "In this mode, the position of the outer frame by all of 3 axes is
    estimated from the motor's magnetic field. "
    So I'm assuming I have interaction with this reading but have no idea how can I fix this or increase it.

  • Ok, I found out by myself and I think it's quite important to communicate about it.

    I always fond that the "invert" in the motor configuration did not change anything.
    But in the follow mode, it's very important to get it right.
    I just invert Yaw in the motor setup and follow mode is working now!

  • Sorry for the good new, it's seems now it's an intermittent problem,
    Some time it's working fine at the start, sometime not?

    I have look for soldering/cable problem without any success...

  • I have the same problem. Intermitent problem and seems the only stable profile is the follow yaw...