• It would great if the (stabilised) pan on a 3 axis gimbal could be accurately indexed at say 30 degree (or software defined) increments for a full rotation of 360 degrees and pause at each increment (for a software defined interval) Whilst I'm at it would be perfect if an additional output channel was emulated to fire a shutter at each increment also

    The whole sequence to be triggered by an aux channel high/low switch, which would trigger a full sweep and park (ie unwind) cycle.

    Obviously this is designed for taking reliable, accurrate, repeatable panaromas with solid bearing data.

    I'm working on a simple board to blindly index a 2 axis gimbal like this, but obviously it lacks stabilisation in the yaw axis so if the airframe rotates at all errors are introduced.

    Implementing this functionality on the controller would be much better. Possible? Difficult?

    I have a specific application in mind for this, which could lead to volume.

    Thanks in advance.