Yaw axis - rotation limit and poor performance problems
  • Hi,

    I have GMB5208-180T motors for all three axis. Gimbal weight with camera ~3-3.5kg. All three axis are balanced.

    First question:
    Can I turn off angle limit for RC control? I want to do in air few full 360 degree rotations of camera in yaw axis

    Second question:
    I have problem with fast rotation of yaw axis caused by RC control, motor works smooth only on slow right/left commands from RC, if I add more speed it go into hight vibrations while breaking, is it too weak motor or bad PID settings (I trierd very different options).
  • update:
    in RC settings->RC control I have selected speed mode in Yaw axis control
  • Yaw has to be balanced perfectly if you can, look at freefly systems videos on youtube for Yaw Balance tutorial on cinestar gimbal. You hang copter or gimbal at 90 degrees to complete balancing. Also, I have Power up around 200 - 240 on YAW to hold the weight. These big motors can handle 12V.