Pitch motor issues
  • Hi guys.
    I am having some strange reaction from my pitch motor. I started from scratch with the whole setup because I encountered this issue earlier (i might add that the build is only 2 weeks old so I am still trying to figure this setup out). To me it looks like it has something to do with the analog RC stick that I have, its a Sparkfun arduino breakout board thumbstick that is mounted on the handle. The reason I think so is that during my setup it always goes bad like that after I fiddle with the RC settings. During the filming I had the RC input set to NONE so it shoulden be effecting my gimbal.
    But at the moment my pitch motor is acting up and I cant get it to stop.

    Hopefully somebody can help me in the right direction :)

    here is a video:

    Here are screenshots of my GUI:

  • Hi,
    It looks like there isn't enough power, or power setting too low in pitch motor. But You probably checked this already. Is it ok with plain setup without any additional RC input?
  • its the same with or without RC input. I will be trying to set it up from 0 now after the new firmware update but at the moment the issue continues.
  • The gimbal´s centre of gravity is off...