Testing unusual gimbal
  • Hi.
    I have set up few Alexmos gimbals in the past so this is not a newb issue.
    I have been asked to film a sports event with an unusual camera arrangement. The client has asked me not to reveal too much which makes asking for advice difficult.
    The camera has to hang below the gimbal so I have balanced it with a weight above. The system is perfectly balanced and the camera and weight come to 1500g so have ipower 5206-150s which should manage that. Clearly this arrangement has far greater inertia than one camera of 1500g. it is like two 750g weights 250mm apart, one above the other.
    Over the last 2 days I have tried everything to get it stable but it still feels very weak and slow to erect once disturbed. I am now on 4s which has improved it, as has setting the motors at full power but they do get hot. I am not too worried about keeping perfectly level but would like to stop the complete topple and slow erect problem.
    The one-off sports event is in a few days so am now getting a bit desperate to make it work.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.