Startup sequence
  • I have a question regarding normal behavior in the controllers startup sequence. Mostly it goes like this for me:
    I connect the battery and it starts booting up, when its done it flashes rapidly. Now there are two things I can do to get it normal. One is to push the button first ones (cal acc) and then push 2times (cal gyro), the other solution is to hook it up to my Mac and via the GUI change the power from High to Low and then back again (write 2 times).

    how come the controller doesn´t just boot up and go into normal operation right away?

    best regards
  • Try unselecting the "Calibrate Gyro At Startup" and it should just work on start up. Also use the button to set gimbal anlges manually...I have 5 presses, then hold the gimbal and it locks on to that position.

    Make sure you do the 6 step ACC calibration in the manual and write at the end of that. Really only need to do that one time. I never hit ACC Calibration as it has to be perfectly level and still.