Two questions
  • Large rig with Canon 5D AlexMo and SimpleBGC:

    When I start, roll is slightly off 1 or 2 degrees. Would this be a positional problem with the IMU? I'd like a way in software to off set center on all axis (feature request)

    On Yaw motor, when I power on, the motor jumps to what I assume is a magnet. Problem is it's off center with handle 20 degrees to the left or right. I have a high P setting (200) to hold motor YAW, but is there a way to fix this, other than rotating the motor mounts?
  • Is it possible to engage with any other users or any of the developers on this forum/website? Hello? Is anybody out there? Perhaps I need to use Google translate? That is OK.

    Может быть, мне нужно использовать Google перевести
  • Hi... I glanced at this but can't specifically assist other than to say can you change the topic to related to the need... "two questions' is likely to be overlooked.

  • Great idea, but one I click on topic Options/Edit, I get this:


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