V3.1 Brushless Camera Mount Gimbal Control Panel Controller
  • I got a V3.1 kit off of EBay. After I put one together and connected it to my computer via USB is would not connect. So I busted out my second kit and just plugged it in. Still cannot connect.

    So I e-mailed the company that I got it from and this is the reply.
    "We have downloaded Russian cracked firmware version V2.0 b3 if you are not a professional, Do not just change the firmware. BGC and USB will be locked.
    BGC can be free to download the German firmware or Russian cracked firmware if you use the official website to download the program will lead to a brushless BGC and USB are locked so please be careful not to the Russia official website to download firmware. If BGC unfortunately is locked you only can by AVR ISP port compiled with AVR STUDIO software to modify the program. Unlock! Of course! In the function and use of the Russian version firmware will be better! So we have already downloaded v2.0 b3 cracked version firmware thank you! All BGC have passed rigorous testing to ensure working properly. If because of the Russian official firmware upgrade cause we can not help unlock and can only suggest you to use the AVR ISP port clearance procedures unlocked!
    if you need the Upgrade to download ,I will send to your email ,please check it

    What a load of crap.
    Buy a new board and it is locked.
    Now I have to get an adapter and some software to unlock it.
    I think I will just buy a better board, unless someone else has some good advice.
  • don't buy crack versions
  • I have the same situation. Did you ever get the email with the upgrade to make it work:?
  • Clearly it is a pirate board and you come to this forum asking help?